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Hold My Check is a growing group of caring merchants that have agreed to offer their
customers the ability, through the innovative Check90 Program, to make a purchase
of their products and services with up to a...

$3,500 In-House Payment Plan
NO Credit Needed!
A Service From Merchants Who Care
Yes, you heard that right.  No Credit Needed!  Through Hold My Check, and Check90, our caring merchants can
The Perfect Plan for Customers with Imperfect Credit!
Or... are just plain Short of Cash!
“Recently I lost my job due to corporate downsizing and
well... it left me in a financially difficult time.  But, because
of you, Check90, I was able to fix my car and still give
my children a good Christmas this year.  You should
have seen their faces!  I can’t thank you enough!”
                                                                                 Bill C.
“Wow!  Thank you Check90 !  Your plan allowed my
family to take care of some costly dental bills and pay
for them two months later when my IRS refund check
came in.  We really don’t know what we would have
done without you!  Thanks again.”
                                                                        Devin L.